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      Radiological Shielding

      MSC offers lead, tungsten and DU shielding for casks and source containment. The more subatomic particles in a material (a higher Z number), the greater the likelihood that interactions will occur and the radiation will lose its energy. The denser a material is, the smaller the depth of radiation penetration will be. Materials such as depleted uranium, tungsten and lead have high Z numbers, and are very effective in shielding radiation. DU is the material of choice for shielding Molybdenum 99 in transportation casks and generators.

      Iridium 1924.8mm    0.19″3.3mm    0.13″2.8mm    0.11″
      Cobolt 6012.5mm    0.49″7.9mm    0.31″6.9mm    0.27″
      Please contact us to discuss your shielding requirements.

      MSC offers borated aluminum sheet and plate for dry cask storage and wet pool applications. MSC can provide borated aluminum plates to your requested size and boron loading.


      Transportation Casks

      About 20 million shipments containing radioactive materials are routinely transported worldwide annually on public roads, planes, railways and ships. MSC has fabricated thousands of Type A and Type B secure containers to safely transport a variety of radioactive materials.

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