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      • Depleted Uranium (DU) Castings up to 6,000 lbs.
      • Rolled DU Plate, Sheet & Foil
      • Machined DU Components (tight tolerances, clad in stainless steel, aluminum or painted for safe handling & storage)
      • Radioactive Transportation Casks
      • Uranyl Nitrate
      • DU Oxide
      • Toll Rolling of Plates & Sheets from a Variety of Specialty Metals

      MSC provides the only depleted uranium rolling mill for commercial use in the United States. All of our work is performed under a Radioactive Material Operating Licensing—issued by the State of Tennessee, under NRC guidelines. We also provide a controlled work area that is continuously monitored to ensure that any airborne dust or particles are removed.

      Users Guide to MSC Materials – Depleted Uranium


      DU Recycling Services

      MSC has the capability to take your unwanted depleted uranium and transform it into useful Depleted Uranium Products.

      • Industrial Radiographic Shields
      • Medical Isotope Transportation Shields
      • Counterweights
      • Products for Energy & Physics Research

      Users Guide to MSC Materials – Depleted Uranium

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