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      Welcome to Manufacturing Sciences Corporation

      Manufacturing Sciences Corporation is a subsidiary of Global Medical Isotope Systems. We’re a specialty metals processing company. Our plant is a fully integrated manufacturing facility with the capacity to melt or machine products from many specialty metals such as steel, aluminum, uranium, tantalum, and niobium. We’re also the only commercial facility in the world with the capability to cast, roll and machine products from depleted uranium.

      Manufacturing Sciences Corporation

      Our Story

      We were founded in 1982 and began operations in Oak Ridge, Tennessee in 1985.

      Our facility was originally constructed to cast and roll depleted uranium for defense and energy applications. In 1999 we began to focus on development of toll rolling and manufacturing services for the specialty metals industry.

      Manufacturing Sciences Corporation

      Group Shot

      Jeff Jansen │ Vice President & General Manager
      Jeff is the current Vice President and General Manager, and has worked for MSC since 2008. His background is in Metallurgical Engineering, previously performing as Director of Engineering and Manufacturing for MSC.

      Bobby Oakley │ Operations Manager
      Bobby joined MSC in 1996 and is responsible for plant operations and developing project estimates—playing a strategic role in collaborating with customers to produce successful project outcomes. He has worked in the metals fabrication industry since 1983.

      Tim Waddell │ Secretary-Treasurer and Business & Facility Operations Manager
      Tim has been with MSC since 1995. His responsibilities include management of the business and facility operations of the company. He is directly responsibility for security, purchasing, contracts administration, facility maintenance and supervision of administrative, IT and procurement staff.

      Janet Fritter │ Receptionist
      Jan is the Receptionist and assists with purchasing at Manufacturing Sciences Corporation. She has been with MSC since February 2012. She moved to Tennessee in 2011 from Fort Worth, TX where she worked as an Office Manager for over 20 years.

      Alison Kuipers │ Project Accountant
      Alison began working for MSC in January 2011. She is responsible for accounts receivables, accounts payables, payroll and accounting.

      Andrew Leighton │ Engineering & Manufacturing Manager
      Andrew is the Engineering and Manufacturing Manager at MSC. He has worked for the company for 5 years, having spent his previous 27 years working in the UK in the nuclear industry. He specializes in Uranium and Uranium alloys.

      Richard Krutzik │ Vice President of Sales
      Richard joined MSC in 2002 and is responsible for sales and technical services. He’s played a key role in developing strategic relationships with customers and identifying new markets.

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